WordPress Training

WordPress powers a huge range of blogs and websites these days. This course will enable anyone how to use WordPress to become a WordPress ninja and make money with this great platform. From basic account set-up to creation of posts/pages, theme customizations, plugin integration, this course covers all. In addition, the course will help you in creating your own fully functional e-Commerce shop. And excitingly, you will get a chance to meet some exceptional and unique WordPress superheroes from Pakistan who have already used this platform to change their lives and make a living by earning money from home

Build a professional website for your small business with WordPress. Anyone can build a business’s presence online with the themes, plugins, and built-in functionality offered by WordPress. In this course, you can learn how to create a website complete with a contact form, social sharing buttons, a blog, and a custom homepage. She teaches you how to think about your requirements in a smart way, and then walks through every step in the process: from site planning and finding the right plugins, to installing a new theme and customizing the appearance of your site to match your brand. Plus, get tips for prepping and sharing your site with the world—and implementing the security you need to keep it safe.

Start an exciting career in WordPress Development, the future of industry and commerce in

today’s society. Gracian Education certified developer have a wide range of skills to offer and we often receive feedback from our students that that they are more competitive for jobs with social media skills due to the nature of their specialized technical skills.

This WordPress Training course from Gracian Education prepares students for careers in:

  • Information Technology
  • Website Management
  • Marketing and e-Marketing
  • Information and Communications Advisory Services
  • WordPress Consultant
  • Project Management
  • Customer Service and Sales Supervisor
  • Commerce Strategist
  • A Range of Supervisory Positions in an Administrative / Office Environment

Start your own business and enjoy the freedom of being your own boss! As the owner of your own small business, you can work the hours you choose and guide your business toward success!

The opportunities are endless and the future is bright for skilled digital marketing professionals!

There are NO previous work or education requirements for entry into any course level. Students may enroll directly into the program without completing lower ranked qualifications.


  • 3 essential elements to build a website
  • What is a content management system?
  • Open source CMS proprietary / closed source CMS
  • com vs. WordPress.org

Domain & Hosting:

  • Recommended domain name registrars
  • How to buy a domain name
  • Recommended web hosting providers
  • What to consider when choosing the right hosting plan of your needs
  • How to purchase a web hosting account
  • How to point/link domain name to website

Navigating cPanel (Your Web Hosting Account):

  • How to set up work emails (youremail@yourwebsite.com)
  • Syncing emails with your email provider(e.g. Gmail, Outlook, Live, Yahoo)
  • Assessing File Manager (Managing your website files)
  • WordPress Installation
  • 3-step WordPress installation
  • Logging into WordPress

WordPress Themes:

  • Modern Web Design trends
  • Choosing a reliable WordPress theme
  • Installing a theme
  • Installing a child theme



  • General
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Discussion
  • Media
  • Permalinks
  • Managing users


  • How to install plugins
  • Setting up TinyMCE Advanced plugin
  • Adding Site Content
  • Planning your website architecture
  • Creating webpages
  • Creating subpages
  • Setting up your main navigation menu
  • Adding content with the Visual Editor and Text Editor
  • Adding images to your page
  • Creating hyperlinks
  • Publishing your page
  • Creating posts
  • Setting up a blog

Contact Form Creation:

  • Creating a contact form
  • Embedding a contact form

Landing Page Creation:

  • Enabling full width page
  • Creating a landing page with Beaver Builder
  • How to craft magnetic landing pages

Customizing Website Appearance:

  • How to upload a logo
  • Customizing the sidebar
  • Customizing the footer
  • Customizing your website with code


Making Your Site Search-Engine-Friendly:

  • Installing WordPress SEO
  • On-page SEO ranking factors
  • Maintaining your site speed and loading time

Integrating E-Commerce into Your WordPress Site:

  • Installing Woo commerce
  • Creating a product
  • Checkout and payment gateways

Website Backup and Maintenance:

  • Keeping your WordPress version, plugins, and themes up to date
  • Backing up your website with Duplicator
  • Transferring your website to a new domain or new host
  • Keeping your website secure and up to date

Course Info

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

Colin Powell

13 October 2019