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In order to protect against the COVID-19, the authorities has been locked down in the country. All the people have been issued orders to remain confined to their homes but in the meantime we will have to do something on a limited scale to meet the needs of life which doesn’t have any impact on our health, the best way to do that is to stay in the digital world and move on it, for which our company launches eight emergency services on a urgent basis. We regularly deal in over 27 services but due to the current situation, we have made the 8 most important services on an emergency basis decided to deliver on.


The main purpose is that if you want to sell your product or service at home, we will help you for sell all the services at a reasonable price so that your business does not close at any cost.


The following are the details of all services being shared. Each service has a code. If you need any of these you can contact us by code or service name.

Facebook Marketing
Instagram Marketing
SMS Marketing
Web Design
Social Media Optimization
Graphic Design
Web Hosting
Web Hosting
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